Product Design

Zinkernagel Brewing Co.

When we met Gary Naegel, he was a chemist with a dream and an AMAZING microbrew. The only issue was that he had a family crest that he wanted to be illustrated, and before Matchlight Creative came along, no one could make it happen. 

We did. 

And now he’s off and running with everything a craft brewery needs.


May 04, 2018
Madison, CT


Package Design

How your audience experiences your vision.

Here at Matchlight, we believe that your brand is defined by the way the world experiences your brand and company. That might seem like a wide definition to you, but without taking that wide a stance, local businesses often get pitched on the idea that their logo is a brand.

That is simply not the case. A logo is just the very tip of the iceberg. At Matchlight Creative we specialize in brand empowerment—not just logo creation. If you just want a logo, not a problem! We’d be delighted to help, and we have a package just for that.

But, if you want a team that can help you empower your company on a cover-to-cover brand initiative that ignites your entire team, we’re also equipped and ready to make that happen. Our team brings over 40 years of branding experience to the table, so reach out and let us ignite your brand.


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