Consumers make 90% of their buying decisions subconsciously.

Couple that with the fact that science tells us that your audience makes a decision whether to trust your brand (or not) within TWO seconds of encountering your logo, and you have to make sure that your brand has all the power and trustworthiness your company deserves.

Have a look at all the brands we’ve created to date, read a bit about them, and then reach out to us so we can help you start something.

brands we’ve created

elite business & life

An elite look for an elite life & business coaching company

Read about the project

This coaching company wanted a look that was as professional and elite as their product. They came to us for a cover-to-cover rebrand including a new logo, brand assets, website, and social media.

Gas Station Supply

Refining a powerful brand with a vintage touch

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Gas Station Supply needed a full rebrand, so we took their vision and created a brand that was as premier as their work. We designed their brand book (including logo, brand assets, apparel, truck wraps, illustrations, and so much more). We also designed their new website and branded their social media so their professional brand was evident no matter where you found them.

Zinkernagel Brewing Co.

A powerful brand to match a beautiful family heritage

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For this Connecticut-based brewer with a strong German heritage, we created a logo that evoked the German gothic feel representative of his family’s prior generations and illustrated his family’s heraldic achievements from their coat of arms to their family crest. We also designed all his different beer labels and packaging.

Active Voice Productions

Updating a writer’s brand with professionalism

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This IndieFest acclaimed company needed a clear and modern logo that represented their brand. We designed a new logo and an animation that met their level of creativity and professionalism.

Foster Electric

Energizing and refreshing a well-known local brand 

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Foster Electric wanted to freshen their logo while retaining their current color scheme and without adding any lightning bolts. That’s how we came to this logo which uses the first two letters of the company name while also resembling an electrical outlet. We also redesigned their website to be as premier as their company.

Centurion Holdings

Putting a tactical training company’s brand on target

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This brand new company gives tactical training courses, and they wanted a logo that represented that while not being off-putting to those who were new to the world of firearms and tactical safety. This logo uses the initials of the company while representing a scope of a firearm which evokes the feeling of focus and attention to detail.

Just Write Institute

A new logo because people judge books by their covers

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Once we designed the logo for Active Voice Productions, the owner and founder knew immediately he could trust us to create a logo for the educational arm of the company – Just Write Institute.⁠ Using a similar style, we designed a beautiful new logo to complement the new Active Voice Productions logo.

Crown Leatherworks

Premium-crafted leather gets a premium brand design

Read about the project

A new company was creating beautiful hand-made leather goods and wanted a logo they could use for print, online, and also as a stamp for their work. We created a monogram logo inspired by the shape of old-fashioned snap buttons (often used with leather), and it looks just as beautiful printed/online as it does stamped on leather.

Smith & Associates

A brand refresh for a company that knew the truth

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This polygraph company needed a refresh of their logo and a more professional online presence. We gave them that refresh, new business cards, and a brand new website where potential customers could contact them.

Garber Real Estate

Creating a unique logo with ideal industry recognition

Read about the project

This is an industry standard real estate logo. We used this to show our animation capabilities as well as social hook videos when it comes to real estate agencies needing to show and sell their homes.

Star Automotive

Driving customers with a new logo that conveys quality

Read about the project

This logo was created to represent premium service (the star), the idea of a road cutting between both parts of the star, and typography that conveys movement.

Old Virginia Hardware

Giving value and trust an updated and relevant look

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We created this logo to show both the “O” and “V” of “Old Virginia” while also creatively showing a building nut and a checkmark to evoke the feeling of quality and compliance with standards.

Want to see what’s in the works? 

Have a look below to see the companies that have chosen to start something and are going to be unveiled soon. 

North Central Ohio Ear Nose and THroat Surgeons (NCOENTS)

Brand coming soon…

Float Alchemy

Brand coming soon…


Brand coming soon…

MG Holdings

Brand coming soon…

The Mid-State group

Brand coming soon…

More brand designs

We’re all about cover-to-cover brand empowerment here at Matchlight Creative. From refreshed logos to full, powerful brand books, have a look at other businesses that have worked with us to create the look they deserve.

More web designs

Often your website is the first “storefront” your potential customers will ever visit. Over half of consumers leave a site they think is ugly, never to return. Have a look at companies that have made their online presence trustworthy and functional.

More social media

Statistics show us that consumers spend 2 hours and 25 minutes per day on social media and messaging. Take a moment to see how we’ve aligned brands across social media platforms, and the incredible results these companies are getting as a result.

“We imagine a world where businesses large and small have equal access to the highest quality marketing, media, and design. We imagine a world where business owners get to be in the loop of the creative process from start to finish. We imagine a world where new businesses, small businesses, and local businesses can be overjoyed by how their audience experiences their brand.”

Andrew Potter

CEO Matchlight Creative

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