Consumers make 90% of their buying decisions subconsciously.

Couple that with the fact that science tells us that your audience makes a decision whether to trust your brand (or not) within TWO seconds of encountering your logo, and you have to make sure that your brand has all the power and trustworthiness your company deserves.

Have a look at all the brands we’ve created to date, read a bit about them, and then reach out to us so we can help you start something.

brands we’ve created

More brand designs

We’re all about cover-to-cover brand empowerment here at Matchlight Creative. From refreshed logos to full, powerful brand books, have a look at other businesses that have worked with us to create the look they deserve.

More web designs

Often your website is the first “storefront” your potential customers will ever visit. Over half of consumers leave a site they think is ugly, never to return. Have a look at companies that have made their online presence trustworthy and functional.

More social media

Statistics show us that consumers spend 2 hours and 25 minutes per day on social media and messaging. Take a moment to see how we’ve aligned brands across social media platforms, and the incredible results these companies are getting as a result.

“We imagine a world where businesses large and small have equal access to the highest quality marketing, media, and design. We imagine a world where business owners get to be in the loop of the creative process from start to finish. We imagine a world where new businesses, small businesses, and local businesses can be overjoyed by how their audience experiences their brand.”

Andrew Potter

CEO Matchlight Creative

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