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We are Matchlight Creative.

Our specialty is intuitive, creative design for businesses at the local level. We specialize in branding, website building, and social media optimization.

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Welcome to Matchlight.

Who we are is pretty simple really. We delight in creativity, and we imagine a world where local business owners no longer have to settle for “ok.” Where every company with a vision has access to design and marketing that is just as good as any national brand.



With over 40 years of cumulative branding experience on our team, you can make sure that your brand identity will be in alignment with your vision and goals.

Web Design

The time of wondering if a website is needed is long past. Now it’s just about finding a team that can make sure that your website hits the goals you have for your business.

Social Media Optimization

If you’ve ever wondered how to convert your social media presence into traffic, interaction, or sales revenue, you’re in the right place. We specialize in making sure your social media gets engagements.

Why we are different

Quality of product.

We know. There’s no shortage of “budget firms” out there promising AMAZING prices. But if you’re looking for an approachable price with premium (think “National Brand”) work, Matchlight Creative is the answer.

Quality of process.

Matchlight Creative offers proprietary diagnostics to help us make sure that we have your vision completely clear. Then we offer hands-on meetings throughout our process with your Account Executive and EVEN your designer. Now there’s no more wondering what’s happening with your designs.

Quality of service.

We’re going to make sure you’re happy. That’s a promise. And then we’re going to keep making you happyagain and again. Matchlight Creative is here for you, your brand, and your vision from beginning to end.


Some Recent Work

We’re constantly in the middle of something here at Matchlight. Have a look at some of our latest and then feel free to peruse more.

Our Specialties

While we are a full-service firm, Matchlight specializes in three main areas. Below you’ll see the huge percentage of our clients that take advantage of our expertise in those areas. 


Whether that means you have a logo that needs to be refreshed or a brand that needs to be created and deployed throughout a massive corporation, we’ve got you covered.

Website Design.

Your storefront on the web is often the first thing your prospect will see. We help you make sure that it’s just as clean and premier as your vision.

Social Media Optimization.

Matchlight Creative specializes in getting you noticed and then getting those all-too-elusive engagements from your target audience.

  • Branding – 77%
  • Social Media Optimization – 98%
  • Website design – 85%

Matchlight Creative is here for your next project. Reach out now for a free, no-commitment quote or mockup.

From Our Clients

Have a look at what other businesses just like yours are saying about their experience with us here at Matchlight Creative.

“When it comes to my business, I expect absolute professionalism, and I don’t settle for less than the best. What these guys have done for us constantly has me blown away.”

Robert Smith

Owner, SAPPS

“It is always delightful when you meet true professionals for services and guidance that you cannot do yourself. Such is the case with Andrew and his expert team who get the job done!”

Gary Naegel

Owner & Brewmaster, Zinkernagel Brewing Co.

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